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Post  kimberley_b on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:24 am

my boyfriend of six months broke up with me over the phone on thursday night. he had been drinking, and i hadnt seen him for over a week as he was on schoolies with his friends and drinking and partying every night. it started when he publicly humiliated me with a comment on one of my facebook statuses (he was drunk) and he kept calling and calling and i was at a sleepover with everyone who isnt at schoolies and then he kept leaving voice messages about how sorry he was after i had talked to him about it and then he just kept calling and he got onto the subject of our relationship and he was saying how much he liked me and all these nice things and that i deserved better and that he doesnt know if he loves me and that he felt that our relationship wasnt changing and he was crying the whole time and saying that i should hate him to make it easier for him to break up with me. and i dont understand. i was perfectly happy before he went away, and i dont understand why.

we were texting today, which is one day later. he got back home today. and i told him that i didnt want to not be with him. but he maintains that his feelings have changed even though he feels so bad about it. i feel so rejected and hollow inside. please help me. i need advice on how to get him back. i love him so much. Sad


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