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Troubled marriage

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Troubled marriage

Post  anithavarghese on Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:45 pm

I have moved to New York from India last year after getting married to a guy chosen by my parents. He is settled in NY with his parents and sister. After i came here our relationship started getting troubled. He is more attached to his dad and his dad is the person who controls our life. We had a baby recently and i had visited my parents in India this summer. After coming back things are going wrong again. On any small issue they pick up and start accusing me and my family. Last night we had an argument and he turned physically abusive. His dad also jumped into the argument and started accusing me, my parents, about my upbringing and said stuffs like they made a mistake by bringing me into the family. He forcefully took my baby away. Now we all stay under one roof but i am singled out. I get to hear taunts from his father and mother. I feel my husband in turn is enjoying this and never leaves a chance to put me down in front of them.
I have done MBA and am desperately looking for job to get out of this hell. I don't have any family members or friends in US to help me. I feel helpless and don't know what will be my baby's future. Many time i feel like buying a ticket and going back to India but i don't know if that is a solution. I don't think my husband is having an affair or anything but he lies a lot on many things. He also doesn't have a job now and we are supported by his dad. I desperately need help as am scared am going under depression and many time i feel like a loser and killing myself. They also keep saying that am mentally imbalance and that's making me too scared. Maybe they are trying to prove it and and take my baby away. Pls advice.


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