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Signs of Cheating.!

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Signs of Cheating.! Empty Signs of Cheating.!

Post  johnsonavilla on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:10 am

No single sign may be a smoking gun! so i want to share this common signs.

# your partner goes out with friends, but if you call the friends s/he is supposedly with, they obviously aren’t out with your partner
# your partner’s sex techniques change suddenly
# your partner buys new lingerie that she never seems to wear
# some of your partner’s clothing goes missing
# your partner guards/hides their cell phone and never leaves it lying around unattended
# your partner frequently nukes all saved text messages and/or emails
# your partner incorrectly remembers gifts s/he gave you but which you never received
# your partner shuts down and password protects their computer when they leave
# your partner orgasms less frequently than usual during sex
# your partner suggests that you go on trips without him/her, such as visiting your family for a few days
# your partner boosts your cell phone plan to add more minutes or text capabilities, but it’s a mystery where that extra capacity is going
# you catch your partner using their cell phone in odd locations like the backyard or garage
# your partner accuses you of cheating, but you aren’t
# your partner starts changing passwords on accounts you used to be able to access
# your partner seems to intentionally pick fights with you
# your partner changes or hides his/her relationship status on social networking sites
# your partner shows sudden changes in sex patterns, such as wanting sex more/less often or wanting to experiment with new techniques
# you find unexplained condoms, birth control, underwear, Viagra, etc.
# your existing condom supply diminishes faster than you can account for
# your partner becomes more emotionally distant and communicates less often or less deeply with you
# your partner runs errands that seem to take much longer than they should
# if you confront your partner about possible cheating, s/he blows up at you
# when you ask your partner about certain discrepancies, the explanation doesn’t sound believable to you
# your partner hides credit card statements or other bills

if this occur well its time to do the spy!

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Signs of Cheating.! Empty Re: Signs of Cheating.!

Post  Sgeethi012 on Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:30 pm

If you keep these things in your mind you can catch your partner's secret life.

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